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    Updated  Summer 2019

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RagaMuffin Kittens For Adoption

RagaMuffin Kittens Breeders

All our RagaMuffin Cats and RagaMuffin Kittens are purebred and registered with the CFA/ACFA,  Both parents are purebred and registered with CFA/ACFA.  

         “The L’il Shades of Red Litter”

Date of Birth: February 24, 2019    Dam:  FiFi

Ready for new home now!  New Discounted Price!



Red Mink and White

ragamuffin kitten for adoption ragamuffin kitten for adoption ragamuffin kitten for adoption

Gorgeous colors. UT has a “goal post on his shoulders in white and a white tip tail!  Look for him to be a “big boy”!!

Extremely sweet and super cuddly. Great personality and will fit perfectly in most households.

To  Muffin Cat World’s Cupid who sired the  



at the CFA Atlanta Cat Show

..that’s my boy!


Congratulations! ragamuffin kitten for adoption ragamuffin kitten for adoption

             “The L’il Closet Litter”

Date of Birth: March 1, 2019   (Dam- KitKat)

Ready for new home now.  



Brown McTabby and White



Red Mink  and White

ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin cat ragamuffin kitten for adoptio ragamuffin kitten for adoptio

Beautiful super sweet dark brown tabby and white female.  Loves attention and loves to give attention.

Great companion for any household!

ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten

Extremely “comfort

Companion” !

So sweet and cuddly.  Super soft coat with his “red” markings at the back of his body. Very playful. Will make a great match for most any home!

              “The L’il Couch Litter”

Date of Birth: March 26, 2019   (Dam- Giselle)

Ready for new homes now!  



Natural Mink and White

Now at her forever home

with Grace & family in Alabama!



Black and White



Red Mink and White



Mink and White

Now lives with Ann in Georgia and his

2 other cousins

from RagaMuffin Cat World!

ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin kitten




ragamuffin kitten ragamuffin for adoption ragamuffin kittens for adoption ragamuffin kitten for adoption ragamuffin kitten for adoption ragamuffin kitten for adoption ragamuffin kitten for adoption

Playful and loving little boy!  Very sweet and loves his cuddles.  Is going to be great in homes with children, dogs and other animals.  

Laid back with super personality!