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    Updated  September  2018

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ragamuffin kittens teddy ragamuffin cat world sire

“Silver Star of Muffin Cat World”

Silver Classic Tabby & White

with gorgeous gold/green eyes

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“Houston of Muffin Cat World”

Brown McTabby & White

“Muffin Cat World’s Baby Girl”

Natural Mink McTabby & White

“Silver Star”, (aka “Teddy”) produces “Classics and gorgeous silver colored kittens.  

He has a loving and sweet disposition and passes that on to his kittens!!

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CFA Cat Show, Knoxville, TN

Houston Wins  ALLBREED 2nd Best Premier!!

 Congratulations to our boy, “Muffin World’s Houston”

“Shiloh Neschume

of Muffin Cat World”

Natural Mink Tortie & White

ragamuffin kitten breeders ragamuffin kittens shiloh

“Muffin Cat World Athena”

Natural Mink Tortie & White

“Muffin Cat World Miss Kiss”

Brown McTabby & White

All our Queens at RagaMuffin Cat World are extremely beautiful cats and always have the best RagaMuffins kittens available!!  They are extremely sweet and loving and they love being Mamas. They also have wonderfully colored kittens which can be very unique.

ragamuffin kittens ragamuffin kittens

“Jewels” and “Diamond ” with all her pretty ponies; 3rd place winner of the RAG Photo Contest

owned by Kristen Caldwell & Family


See more of our kittens in their new homes!


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About Us

RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders

All our ragamuffin kittens along with our Queens & Stud live in our household (mostly my bedroom) and they have found quite a few friends; our dogs which they enjoy playing with. Our teacup Chihuahua can’t get enough of play time with the kittens and even our Queens, Sire and other RagaMuffin Cats.

Our Sire and Queens have been selected since they have the most “cuddly”, “friendly” and adorable kittens with the RagaMuffin traits and personalities.  Let us suggest a Ragamuffin Kitten and you can rest assured that your kitten will be the perfect match for your household and a purebred ACFA/CFA (with papers) RagaMuffin Kittens!

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