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    Updated  September  2018

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About RagaMuffin Kittens and Cats

Available Kittensragamuffin kittens breeder

The RagaMuffin Cat is “truly a cat like no other”!  The best way I thought to tell you all about what I know after having my RagaMuffins for 7 years and what Breed Associations such as The Cat Fanciers Association,  The American Cat Fancier Association, Breeders, owners, vets and others have found are the true characteristics of the RagaMuffin is to show you in photos!


Since they are such a “rare breed”, all RagaMuffin kitten breeders must follow a strict Code of Ethics as set forth by the RagaMuffin Associated Group. Your are assured if you buy your purebred RagaMuffin from a breeder who’s kittens are also Registered with the CFA or ACFA

you will be receiving an “authentic RagaMuffin” with the most unique kitten or cat with these traits. Beware that if you are looking at a kitten that is registered with TICA alone you are not receiving a Pedigreed RagaMuffin.  Only one parent has to be a RagaMuffin!

Available Kittens

This is what they say about this “rare” and “unique” breed; the RagaMuffin!

From RAG, CFA, ACFA, RagaMuffin Owners and Breeders.

“The Teddy Bear of  the Cat World” I say they are puppies, kittens and bunnies all rolled into one!

The “Gentle Giant of the Cat World.” My females can weight from 9-16 pounds where a male can get to 15-20 pounds.  I find that male RagaMuffins can be just as affectionate as the females;

some even more so.


From Cats 101/Animal Planet

“They stay KITTENS UNTIL THEY ARE 4 YEARS OLD! They do not mature until 4 years of age.

This ups the cuteness factor…through the roof!”

Ragamuffins are like the lapdogs of the cat world! They have a very laid back and trusting disposition!

Beautiful colors galore!  They have a “huge” gorgeous tail to go along with their unique markings.

The Ragamuffins have the sweetest and cutest face that you cannot resist! Big round “walnut” eyes to capture your heart.

They are super soft with a “rabbit like” coat which requires very little maintenance.  A once a week brushing will do.  Since they do not mat you will constantly be rubbing their coats.

Laid back and totally lovable to everyone!

Ragamuffins are a cat which is purr….fect for everyone!  They love kids, dogs and are great for families! They make the best companion ever!

Very smart and doglike with commands.  My male ragamuffin, “Houston” knows the words and “no” is one he easily understands.  I do not have to use it much since he really doesn’t do anything wrong! Very easy to train and they “aim to please”!

Always there to greet you when you come home!

“Everyone loves kittens and wishes they would stay a kitten; so look no further you have found the ragamuffin kitten!” …from video Cats 101 RagaMuffins

Always cute antics…and a Kodak moment. RagaMuffins are serious about their naps!!

Ragamuffin Kittens

They are like Potato Chips, bet ya’ can’t have just one!

“One Cat Leads to Another”

                         Ernest Hemingway

The Vets love us too!  They ask us,

“why all cats can’t be as good as you guys?”

 They love


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Celebrate their 20th Anniversary

The RagaMuffin Cat

has celebrated their 20th Anniversary!

 Lots of great things planned!  Will keep you posted.  

Be sure you join CFA or the ACFA  

They have great information about the RagaMuffin.

Visit their websites: ACFA    CFA

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IMPORTANT:  RagaMuffins thrive on human companionship. With this in mind, they do not do well left alone for hours at a time.  They can become depressed and even become ill.  So please if you are not at home most of the time, the RagaMuffin Breed is not for you.

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